Permanent Housing for the Homeless

Maysville Initiatives has operated this HUD grant program for the last ten years, offering a full-time social worker and rental support to between ten and fourteen homeless, disabled persons (and their family). The cost of this program is $111,121/year. Maysville Initiatives leases housing from local landlords and provides that housing to eligible homeless individuals/families. Seventy percent (+/-) of our Permanent Housing Program clients are successful in achieving housing stability according to HUD performance standards.

The program teaches life skills such as budgeting, basic housekeeping and creating goals and objectives for a stable life. The social worker will assist clients with job searches and/or education, and insures that all clients have the mainstream benefits to which they are lawfully eligible.

The Program works with two strong community partners: Comprehend, Inc. and the Buffalo Trace Women’s Crisis Center. Substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence are often factors in the lives of our homeless, disabled clients. We see to it that with the help of our partners, they receive the counseling and medication they need to regain stability.

Upon “graduating” from the program, clients take over responsibility for their housing and financial stability, and Maysville Initiatives’ Permanent Housing for the Homeless program seeks the next new client in need.